25 Useful Travel Tips – Experts’ Picks

25 Useful Travel Tips – Experts’ Picks

Nobody is born a perfect traveler.

The more you travel the more you learn, at the beginning you will do numerous mistakes.

Not only mistakes but also Ignorance can sometimes lead to problems while traveling.

But that doesn’t mean you have to travel frequently to get knowledge or minimize the mistakes you make while traveling.

If you know in time what mistakes can happen and how to reduce them, your travel will be fun, otherwise messed up.

These travel tips wherever you go is particularly designed to help you get ideas, and as well as, discuss, identify and eliminate the mistakes made in traveling.

1. Search well before you decide

The more you search, the more knowledge you gain.

Find all the information you need, compare one place with other similar places and decide where to go.

Do not select your destination simply depending on what you have seen once or someone’s recommendation.

2. Make a proper packaging list

Good travel requires proper packaging of necessary items.

Careful packaging is essential so that you won’t miss out on the basic requirements, and don’t include unnecessary things.

Make a packaging list by taking your time and remembering the necessary things first, and then make sure the availability.

Packaging is done shortly before embarking on the journey.


3. Book your transportation or packages

The earlier you are going to book your flights, the cheaper it will be.

You will have enough time to study, compare and choose your destination as well.

If flights, accommodations, tour packages, taxies, trains or any other packages are done on time, later on, you won’t have to regret working in a hurry.

4. Do not carry unnecessary stuffs

Unnecessary items make luggage heavier, take the place of essential items and make you confuse as well.

Don’t miss the essentials according to your interests and hobbies, the nature of your trip, the duration of your stay, and weather of your destination, but don’t pick up unnecessary items.

If you feel like carrying or not carrying anything, don’t carry it.

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5. Do not over plan your trip

Plan for the most important things, but don’t try to do everything according to plan.

Work in flow, let your days pass naturally. Plan simply doing new things every day.

Over planning makes the mind very busy and tired, and also adds unnecessary hassle to a smooth and simple journey.

6. Always carry a diary

The beautiful experiences of the journey keep us excited till later.

Some of the fanciest moments are captured in the picture while some important and unique information and facts are best kept in a diary.

Make a diary and a pen a traveling companion or make it a habit to write notes on your mobile.

Do not miss to save important and necessary information.

7. Inform your bank that you are travelling

If you are visiting a place without informing the bank, your card may be blocked at any time.

As the card is regularly used in new places without access to bank information, it indicates some security risk.

It is better idea go to bank on time to notify about your visit and get information about the validity time of the cards.

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8. Mark your luggage for easy identification

The identical luggage may waste your time at airport and sometimes the luggage is picked up by someone else and you may face unnecessary hassle.

Mark your luggage with a unique sign or symbol, so that you can identify your luggage from a distance.  

Make it so different so that no one will accidentally pick up your assets.

9. Use both online or offline maps

The hassle of carrying a paper map is over, but since Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, always relying on an online map can be a problem.

Download an offline map to your gadget, or don’t hesitate about carrying a paper map.

Another way is to save the screen shot by opening Google map on Wi-Fi.

10. Learn basic phrases of local language

If your mother tongue is not English, remember that no one understands your language while traveling.

Many locals do not even understand English.

This will help you with the knowledge of some of the daily used words of the local language.

Knowing a few words like hello, good morning, how are you? How much is the price? Thank you, you are well come, nice to meet you, have a good day, good night, thank you for delicious food, in local language will prove to be a gift to you.

11. Use public transportations

It is advisable to use a taxi in an emergency, but often recommended to use public transportation while traveling.

Public transportation is a way to reduce costs, as well as to meet local people that helps us to get a closer look at their lifestyle, culture, costumes, etc.

Beware of pickpockets when traveling on public transportation.


12. Don’t feel ashamed to enquiry

Getting lost in the random directions, and accepting the challenges you face on the way back is a fun unlimited.

 As well as, it is a great way to make wonderful discoveries about new places.

Apart from this, we need to be informed at every moment. Don’t hesitate to search for information.

Don’t ask people who are on the road or busy.

It is best to inquire with the hotel staff, the driver of your vehicle or the police.

13. Don’t eat food wherever you find

It is recommended to try street or local food in almost all tourist areas.

But the habit of eating blindly whatever you get, wherever you see the food, may make you very sick during the journey.

You may have to postpone the journey and stay in the hospital or return home.

If it looks good, and looks healthy, eating local food on the side of the road, but also for testing purposes only, will be fine, otherwise relying on your own hotel food is the best solution.

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14. Get travel insurance

It is very important to have travel insurance so that you won’t have to worry from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling.

In case of final cancellation of flight, loss of luggage during the journey or in case of any medical emergency, travel insurance will be helpful.

You may have to consider about your life insurance as well.

15. Keep necessary things in your daypack

Always keep a day pack with the most essential or valuable items and things that may be needed from time to time.

What could be in a day pack? It all depends on the type of travel you have.

For example, the day pack checklist is different for the trekking traveler and the beach vacation traveler.

Passport, laptop, mobile, camera, external hard drive, a debit card, and some spare cash etc are common things to carry in a day pack luggage.

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16. Do not miss out the essentials

How do you feel when you realize that you have forgotten your purse and mobile at home after being a long away from home?

In order to avoid such a situation on a long journey, the essentials should not be missed.

First of all, on the journey that you are about to take, decide what are the most essential things you need.

After that, check the availability of those items, one by one, and include all the items in your luggage.

17. Carry some emergency cash

Nowadays, there is no need to carry cash with us.

The work done with physical cash is now easily possible through cards or online payment.

But even if you suddenly have to buy something in a place where means online payments are not available or need money in some other way, emergency cash eases the situation.

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18. Check up your health before you travel

Everyone should see their personal doctor or visit the hospital a few days before the start of their journey.

Immediately diagnose whether or not you have any disease at this moment.

And also consult your doctor about the general or special vaccinations you may need to travel to a new place.

Ensuring the health makes your journey safe and hassle-free.

19. Bring your comfortable clothes

Looking at the clothes of some of my friends, it seems to me that they are not out on a trip but at a fashion show, and now after a while they may probably be cat walking on the ramp.

The clothes you need when traveling are not your favorite clothes, but the easiest clothes to wear.

In a travel, you will have to walk, jump, climb, get down, get wet, and face the heat and many more.

20. Do not hurry while checking out

Lost until the last minute, when the hotel check out is done in a hurry, and things get worse.

In the beginning, the more you prioritized the time you left home, the more important it is while checkout.

Spend an hour inside the room before you check out, so that you will see all the places and don’t miss anything.

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21. Don’t change your currency at the airport

The complaint of travelers is that the airport is an expensive place from all angles.

If you try to have tea or coffee, you will have to pay three times more than outside. When it comes to exchanging money, the exchange rate is much lower than outside.

Since there is a direct loss, who will try to exchange money at the airport?

Of course I won’t, what about you?

22. Write down the address of your hotel

Even in big and busy cities, Google Map makes it easy to get to where you want to go.

But imagine, if you forget the name of the hotel where you are staying, what is the Google Map Entry?

Write down the name and address of the hotel where you are staying, so that when you get lost, you can easily reach by asking someone or using Google Map.

23. Avoid unnecessary mixing and meeting

While travelling to new places, getting to know the locals, making friends, and hanging out with them is very important.

But too much flexibility in the process of mixing can be detrimental.

Everybody understands that tourists from home and abroad are the means of payment.

Any relationship that is dominated by money over humanity is good in the beginning and harmful in the long run. The rest is up to you.

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24. Keep an open mind

The habit of focusing on small things and reacting can sometimes put you at a difficult situation.

Do not over react, for whether it is narrow and conservative superstitions or a society that is more open than necessary in the name of modernity.

Mix and match as much as you can, otherwise visit on your own way, keeping an open mind.

25. Be polite and smiling all the time

When speaking to every human being, speak politely, and keep a smile on your face.

If someone treats you unfairly or tries to deceive you, raise your voice, otherwise, the more you smile and speak humbly, the easier your journey will be.

When you laugh, the world around you laughs with you.

last but not least: Do not forget travel towel

A small towel is needed whenever you are walking, wandering towards the beach or anywhere outside the hotel.
It is, therefore,  recommended to carry a small towel as it does not require much space in luggage and is not too heavy to carry.

Conclusion: Travel Tips

Going to new and unfamiliar places, you have to be aware of many things.

This is not to say that you should panic in the name of caution, but if you are aware of some important things, you can easily avoid accidents and make the journey smoother.

There may be countless travel precautions or travel tips. The more suggestions, the more confusing they are.

We have, therefore, presented some limited “25 practical travel tips wherever you go”. 

We hope, you will find these travel guidelines supportive.

Blogger’s opinion about: Travel Tips

I think the fun of traveling would have been different if I had been able to go wherever I want to go, regardless of the world behind me, in my own rhythm and speed.

But it seems to be taking a break from the momentum, when we have to move forward considering many things for awareness.

Being as self-disciplined as possible and thinking about what is happening around you, being independent, and focusing more on the ground than on the other side can really be fun.

Even if my travel tips make your trip easier or you find it weird, please don’t forget to leave your suggestions and feedback.

Wish you all the best.

Basanta Bhattarai

A Professional-Travel-Blogger!

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