25 Amazing Things to Do in Europe

25 Amazing Things to Do in Europe

Wherever you go in Europe, it’s fun everywhere.

Most of the places in Europe are exceptionally beautiful so the whole of it seems to be decorated for tourists.

Since all places are beautiful, what can be your problem is, how to choose the best place among the good ones?

Through “25 Amazing Things to Do in Europe” we have presented some of the activities that should not be missed while visiting Europe.

Based on this, we believe that you will be able to ease some of the inconveniences that have arisen regarding where to go in Europe.

1. Must visit Primrose Hill Park, London.

When you arrive in London on a trip to Europe, choose Primrose Hill Park from among the many gorgeous places around there.

Once you see the panoramic view of London from the top of Primrose Hill, then you will definitely think, I am looking at the most beautiful place in the world.

In this way, Primrose Hill Park offers a unique paradise experience and easily fulfills your desire to take amazing photographs.

2. Enjoy world class surfing at San Sabastian, Spain.


If you miss surfing at Bay of La Concha after reaching San Sabastian, you will miss one of the most important activity of visiting Europe.

The excellent waves that are constantly received on San Sebastian beach make the surfing here better than any other place.

Any of the beaches such as Zurriola, Ondarreta or La Concha that are located around San Sabastian Island will give you the best surfing experience in the world.

3. Have bicycle rides along the canals of Amsterdam.

bycycle ride amsterdam

No other place in the world has as many bicycles as Amsterdam.

Bicycle trips to Amsterdam are the easiest and most official way for any visitor to see the city.

All the roads in Amsterdam are bicycle friendly and easily accessible.

In particular, the wide roads built on both sides of the canals here are world famous for cycling.

No need to mention, bicycles are a daily means of transportation for people here and one of the major tourist activities as well.


4. Put thermal bath in Budapest in your itinerary.

Thermal Bath, Budapest

When you arrive in Budapest on a trip to Europe, everyone will ask you, do you take a thermal bath?

This is a medical spa that is done by heating the water at a temperature of 74 ° C to 77 ° C and hitting the body with water from two thermal springs.

Tourists who are tired of walking around all day take thermal baths to get rid of fatigue.

5. Visit the Italian Dolomites for skiing.

The Dolomites are a mountain range in northeastern Italy made up of tiny beautiful Alps.

To escape the scorching heat of summer in the south, people set out to visit the Dolomites near the northern city of Belluno.

The Dolomites areas are a beautiful destination, has a good atmosphere, and has the potential to entertain thousands of tourists.

While landing at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, the Dolomites will be able to catch your eye, and you won’t be able to get away without visiting once.

6. Enjoy the islands of Greece as much as possible.

Santorini, Greece

When it comes to islands, Greece is home to some of the best islands in the world, not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of beauty.

Whether it’s a honeymoon or any other type of sightseeing, if Greece’s Santorini Island isn’t anyone’s choice, it will be incredible in itself.

With excellent hotels, a wide variety of food and so many aquatic and terrestrial activities, the islands of Greece are always full of tourists.

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7. Take a cycle tour on the coast in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Cornwall, UK

In the far south of the UK, when you ride a beach bike on the coast of Cornwall, you will think that you are really the luckiest person in the world to be there.

On the one hand, you will enjoy cycling and walking on the coast in Cornwall, while on the other hand, wildlife and natural resources will make your trip more entertaining.

There are dozens of bicycle trials in Cornwall, where you’ll find it easy to get busy all day.

8. Explore the Eiffel tower from balloon ride in Paris.

Imagine being able to see the Eiffel Tower from a balloon flying in the sky as much as you want. What could be more exciting than that?

Now that it is possible, you will be able to take a look at the Eiffel Tower flying in the sky, take pictures and observe the many other entertaining surroundings of Paris.

Sitting in a balloon and observing the Eiffel Tower is most fun at sunset and at night.

9. Have fun of world class scuba diving in Gozo Island, Malta.

scuba diving

Gozo, Malta is always ready to welcome you to experience scuba diving by exploring the diversity of flora, fauna and fish in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Scuba diving in the summer months will provide opportunities to find sea horses. It is fascinating to see sea horses holding each other’s tails and dancing.

Scuba diving will provide supernatural views for excellent underwater photography, so pick up a camera and be prepared to dive into the water.

10. Enjoy watching Sunset in Santorini, Greece.

The sunsets seen from Santorini are described as one of the most sought after events in the world and the sunsets here are truly magnificent.

The importance of Santorini can be seen in the crowd preparing for the sunsets with the cameras in their hand, in front of the hotel, on the roof of the house, and cruising in the sea as well.

Would you also like to visit this unique destination?

11. Visit Svartifoss, a unique waterfall in Iceland.

Svartifoss, Iceland

Located in Bhattajankulla National Park, Skaftafell in southern Iceland, Svartifoss is known as a unique waterfall in the world.

The locals also call it the Black Waterfall, because this waterfall, flowing from the sandy plains made of huge black lava, falls from the black mountain and assumes its shape.

This amazing waterfall is 25 meters high, it is very easy to go hiking, and we can easily take even small children.

When it gets a little slippery during the rainy season, be sure to walk with it, and don’t take children with you as much as possible.


12. Go hiking for adventure in Turkey.

Hiking, Turkey

For physical fitness as well as entertainment and excellent photography, you can include adventure hiking in Turkey in your schedule.

Turkey has made significant progress in hiking and trekking due to its exceptional natural beauty, historical and cultural treasures and excellent management of tourism.

It will be a natural meditation for you because when you reach the lap of nature and enjoy the peaceful environment, where you can enjoy solitude as long as you want.

13. Discover wild life in Thy National Park, Denmark.

In the vast natural landscape of Thy National Park, Denmark you will find a wonderful blend of nature and rare wildlife, and many more things to enjoy in a peaceful environment.

If you have a camera and you are blessed with knowledge and luck, you will get a chance to take some amazing pictures.

When an adventurous trip to the national park makes you feel completely exhausted, then the responsibility of entertaining you will be taken over by the sandy beaches nearby.

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14. Take a wonderful train journey in Norway.

Norway Train

Running through the beautiful countryside, suburbs, mountains, lakes and picturesque forests, Norwegian trains from one part of the country to another are an integral part of tourism here.

Norway’s The Rauma Line, Bergen Line and the Flam Railway are counted among the most picturesque journeys in the world.

Norway’s The Rauma Line, Bergen Line and the Flam Railway, which run through various difficult mountains, are counted among the most picturesque journeys in the world.

15. Go wild testing and drinking beers in Belgium.

Belgium Beer

Drinking beer in Belgium is not just a beverage for drinking purposes, it has a distinct social, cultural and historical significance.

Since Belgium developed beer drinking as an important tourist attraction, many people have been visiting Belgium to drink beer.

Why Belgium? The answer is simple, as there are more than 3,000 types of beers available in Belgium.

Of course, it is not allowed to drink beer anywhere and anytime, but the rules of public places are also a bit simple when it comes to drinking beer.

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16. Remember Berlin particularly for under water activities.

Berlin, Scuba Diving

Berlin’s lush and attractive water parks are always waiting  you for a variety of aquatic activities.

When it comes to outdoor activities as well, you can enjoy world-famous water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling on the beautiful beaches in Berlin.

Another major attraction of Berlin is the dancing performed by dolphins and the unique activities they perform in close proximity to humans.

Remember if Berlin is missed, the whole of Europe will be missed.

17. Stroll through the Warsaw Old Town.

Vistula River, Warsaw

Warsaw’s cobblestone alleys and medieval buildings built after World War II make the Old Town a bustling tourist hub today.

Luxurious hotels and restaurateurs lined up on side of the Vistula River have made the tourism business even more important.

You will not find such a beautiful river in any other part of Europe, where you can enjoy delicious food, entertainment and cultural events from the left bank of the river.

Similarly, on the right bank of the river is the Natura Conservation Area- the habitat of endangered species of birds.

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18. Feel paradise on earth by visiting Switzerland.

Switzerland, Europe

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, also known as the Paradise of the Earth due to its natural combination of beautiful and clean lakes, picturesque villages and high peaks of the Alps.

Switzerland’s ski resorts and hiking trails make it a unique tourist destination in the world, while Swiss watches and Swiss chocolates are everyone’s favorite gifts.

When visiting Switzerland, don’t forget to take the train, as the train journey here is as important as the train journey to Norway.

19. Visit and enjoy gambling in Monte Carlo’s casinos.

Casino, Monte Carlo

Gambling has been legal in Monaco since 2007. Citizens who have crossed the 18-year-old age are allowed to gamble online, while gambling and casinos have been set up as a major attraction for outbound tourists.

Casino de Monte Carlo is a gambling and entertainment complex that includes the casino, the Opera de Monte-Carlo, and the office of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo.

Hopefully you might know that gambling is a dangerous game, random gambling can turn you from a millionaire to a roadside poor.

20. Experience space activities in Star City in Moscow.

Star City in Moscow

Also known as the Yuri Gagarin Training Center (YGTC), Star City, located in Moscow, is a Russian space training center.

Star City is one of the most important tourist destinations not only in Russia but also in Europe.

With the knowledge of space as well as the experience of space travel, many people have made Star City a must-see destination.

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21. See an exclusive warship at the Vasa Museum, Sweden.

Vasa museum is a marine museum in Stockholm, Sweden.
A ship that sailed at sea in the 17th century and crashed into the sea, brought to the museum, decorated with unique artwork and made a tourist attraction is really worth seeing.

There are many fascinating and interesting exhibits in the Vasa Museum.

The historic collection contains many items found on the wrecked ship. From small appliances to decorative pieces, as well as the entire crew’s personal belongings.

22. Explore historical treasures in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Some people working in a garden in Bulgaria found a century old treasure while digging, you know it was the oldest gold treasure.

Extensive excavations then began in Bulgaria based on the fact that archeological objects were underground.

The city of Sofia in Bulgaria is now home to a large and fascinating array of archeological museums.

Dated to the end of the 15th century and excavated and reopened in 2000, the old museum in Sofia is a representative example of an attractive tourist destination.

23. Remember Finland to enjoy nature and solitude.

Natural, Finland

It would not be an exaggeration to say that a visit to Greenland during the winter is a less entertaining and more risky tourist activity.

But for healthy and adventurous people who accept tourism as a challenge, it will also be a Golden opportunity of adventures.

If you’re interested in Greenland’s cold as hell, and you’re heading to Europe in the winter, don’t forget to make Greenland your destination.

Preparations have to be made accordingly, as the coldest temperature in Greenland is measured up to -93.3 degrees.

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24. Enjoy adventures of icy winter in Greenland.


Finland is ahead of all other countries in the world in terms of natural beauty.

Tourists visiting Finland for months at a time to see beautiful and clean lakes, lush green forests, Lapland north of the Arctic Circle, and gurgling clear and blue rivers return home saying they would have stayed longer.

According to the assessment made by the travelers, if the natural beauty of Finland could not be captured while touring Europe, in fact a trip to Europe would be incomplete and hollow.

25. Ride and enjoy adventures of Zip Line in Spain.

Zip Line, Spain

Zip lining has brought a huge boost to tourism in Spain.

By learning this, every country in the world has made this adventurous sport a major medium of tourist attraction.

If you are visiting Spain, we would like to suggest you to enjoy the jeep once in a while.

Hodge de Jaca, located in the city of Huska, Spain, is the largest zip line in Europe.

Limit zero is the name of another zip line that connects Sanlucar de Guadiana, in Andalucia, Spain, to Alcoutim, in Algarve, Portugal.

last but not least: Must ride cable cars in Switzerland. 

Switzerland’s cable cars are a great way to get a closer look at nature.

Other things may be missing, but don’t miss the Swiss cable car.

Conclusion: Things to do in Europe

Whatever you do in Europe, it will keep you entertained.

Be it the beauty of nature, or the management of a high level of tourism, there are thousands of places and attractions to attract tourists.

We are  hopeful that the “things to do in Europe” we have presented here will definitely help you to visit Europe.

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May my efforts support your visit to Europe. 

While writing, some very beautiful places might have been missed, or the information of the written places may also be brief.

Regarding all of these inadequacy; 

Please do not hesitate to give your suggestions and advice.

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