25 important things not to do in Europe

25 important things not to do in Europe

When you travel to Europe, you should always make sure that you are going to follow certain rules and regulations.

To say, Europe is civilized and glorious means that the more free the people are, the more they adhere to the rules and regulations.

Some of the tasks and practices that are considered simple by our lifestyle can be unique and illegal for a particular place.

If we are going to Europe, what are the things not to do there?, Once we find out about those things, we won’t be surprised.

There are some rules and regulations about things not to do in Europe that you should know in time and not forget on your trip.

1. Do not exchange at airport

If you have to buy something at the airport, it will be too much expensive, but if you have to exchange your money, the exchange rate will be very low.

So it is better not to exchange money at the airport.

And don’t buy anything, don’t even use an ATM.

2. Do not depend only in English language

Do not assume that everybody speaks English in Europe.

Europe is multilingual destinations. English, therefore is not spoken everywhere.

In the UK and Ireland you will find almost everyone speaking English.

But in Europe as a whole, less than 20% of people use the English language.


3. Do not litter or make a noise everywhere

It’s not a good idea to throw rubbish everywhere and walk around making noise.

The habit of littering and making noise is detrimental to health, as well as sum up your impolite habits.

4. Do not smoke or drink in public areas

The habit of smoking everywhere and drinking alcohol without looking for a suitable place is harmful to travel to Europe.

Some countries have completely banned smoking and alcohol in public transport, temples, tourist attractions public meeting places, and children’s play areas, etc.

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5. Do not jaw walk

Do not jaywalk, be aware of traffic light.

Must know that some road crossings have manual traffic light systems.

You have to operate and cross the road yourselves.

6. Do not give unnecessary tip

People in Europe don’t give as many tip as in America.

If you take a taxi or go to a hotel, it is better to give only the necessary tip.

Blind tip do not make a good impression in Europe and increase your travel expenses as well.

7. Do not walk on cycle lanes

Walking on a bicycle lane is supposed to be uncomfortable in Europe.

Walking on cycle lanes is a serious violation and can also be very unsafe for both the bicyclist as well as you.

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8. Do not wave at waiters

Don’t call the hotel staff by waving or making obscene gestures.

Waving at waiters in hotels is assumed very impolite and disrespectful.

Instead, get their attention by eye contact, it will be fine. 

9. Do not kiss everywhere

Kissing is not uncommon in Europe, but do not assume that you can kiss everywhere in Europe. 

Entire Europe is not honeymoon destination.

10. Do not think money can do anything

Believing that having money makes everything easier, if you are going to Europe, that may not be true.

For example, it is better to make an advance booking when you have time, otherwise you will not be able to get a hotel even if you have a bag full of money.

11. Do not use ATM cards so often

Do not use your ATM card everywhere as easily as you do in your location.

Unauthorized charging is a scam, but you are not informed immediately.


12. Do not book hotels too early

It is good to book a hotel on time but booking too early may not be practical.

Many things can be changed during the course of time and you may not like them.

13. Do not think Europe is the safest place

Do not think you are safe everywhere in Europe.

Dangers, whether they are minor or major, prevail all around you.

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14. Do not depend on how the sky looks like

It would be unrealistic to think that the morning sky would be the same as the day it would be.

It rains so easily in Europe.

Use appropriate mobile app to know the weather.

15. Do not think Euro is a common currency

Do not think Euro is a must or can do everything anywhere.

Some places have their own currency cheaper than Euro.

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16. Do not rent taxi anytime

You don’t have to use a taxi anytime or anywhere.

It is always better to walk a short distance.

If public transport is easily available, public transport should be promoted.

17. Do not depend only in the guidebook

Don’t always rely on guide books.

It’s also fun to get lost in a new place while wandering around on your own.

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18. Do not buy packages for every thing

Do not buy a package for every thing.

Packages are expensive.

If you thing you can visit and enjoy any particular destinations, visit your self. 

19. Do not think every location is beautiful

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can have fun anywhere in Europe.

Not all places in Europe are worth visiting.

Search well before going anywhere. 

20. Do not think you can eat anywhere

Do not eat anything wherever you want. 

Eating is forbidden in some places.

Eating everywhere is not appropriate from the point of view of civilization and health as well. 

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21. Do not try to visit Europe in a single trip

Europe is a vast continent full of many beautiful destinations. 

If you think you will visit entire Europe in a single visit, this will be ridiculous. 

Plan for next and next visit to see Europe. 

22. Do not forget to carry a coin purse

You may get a lot of coins as returns while shopping. 

We can not refuge coins as they are expensive in pennies too. 

Keep a coin purse to hold them properly. 

23. Do not speak aloud

Speaking loud anywhere is supposed to be the sign of impoliteness. 

Be polite and smiling all the time and speak as loudly as others can hear you, no one likes a loud voice.

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24. Do not miss the queue anywhere

Sitting in a line and patiently waiting for one’s turn is supposed to be  civilization all over the world.

In Europe, this rule is still considered a strict discipline.

So don’t try to miss the queue anywhere in Europe.

25. Do not ask for minor queries

It’s not good to keep asking small things.

Find out as much information as you can.

If nothing else, ask others.

last but not least: Do not wear money belt

If you wear a money belt it seems like you are showing your money and inviting
pickpocket to steal it.

Conclusion: Things not to do in Europe

It is better to follow the different rules of the place, even if you are free to go around and do as you wish.

Don’t be afraid, move around freely, but be careful as much as possible.

Being careful does not violate the rules, nor does it mean that you have to follow strict rules and regulations.

Blogger’s opinion about: Things not to do in Europe

I am not trying to teach the rules and I am not trying to reduce the importance of travel by pushing it within the scope of rules and laws.

But no accident should happen due to negligence, or you should not be distracted by the accusation of violating the rules due to general negligence.

Don’t follow the rules and regulations too much, make your trip entertaining,.

Please do not hesitate to give your suggestions and advice.

Wish you all the best. 

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