10 Amazing Places to Visit in Norway

10 Amazing Places to Visit in Norway

This Scandinavian country is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

The country is marvelous with its magnificent mountain ranges, gurgling glaciers, deep coastal areas, and lush green forests.

Being located in the northernmost part of the world, Norway’s overall influence is a country with ample space and extraordinarily uncomfortable landscape, but this uniqueness is the main reason for the tourist attraction in Europe.

The capital city Oslo, famous for its museums and green areas, is a major tourist destination in Norway.

Let's take a closer look at some of the fascinating places to visit in Norway.

1. Oslo

Oslo, one of the 10 amazing places to visit in Norway.

The capital of Norway, located on the south coast as the head of Oslofjord, is also called “The Tiger City” by locals.

Oslo is described as a unique city due to its geographical structure, which combines urban life with easy access to nature.

Thanks to the wide roads that are spread everywhere, these roads have made it easy to explore the entire capital city, which is the largest capital in the world.

Aside from Vigeland Sculpture Park, Akershus Fortress, The National Museum, Munch Museum, The Museum of Cultural History, and City Hall, these three major attractions in Oslo make this natural city one of the most amazing places to visit in Norway.

  1. The Royal Palace :- With a quite contrast to some other European palaces, this royal palace is easily accessible to anyone from children to the elderly, unimpeded by railings or barriers. 
  2. Oslo Cathedral :- Oslo Cathedral, also highly revered as Savior’s Church, is also the main church for the Norwegian Diocese Church in Oslo.
  3. Holmenkollen Ski :- The 64-meter-tall Norwegian ski jump, made of 1,000 tons of steel, can boast of being one of the world’s most modern ski jumps.

2. Tromso

Located above the Arctic Circle as a major cultural center, Tromso is a model town of a tourist attraction in northern Norway.

In Tromso when the midnight sky is brightened by brightly colored light, it confirms the significance of being at the point of observation.

The city offers visitors all the modern conveniences with a wide range of high class hotels and restaurants. 

There is so much comfort made despite the complexity of the geography – that you have to spend at least one night exploring the Arctic landscape and  the Northern Lights.

As well as the attractions of the Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden, Polaria, Polar Museum, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Perspektivet Museum, and Science Center, these three major destinations make Tromso the best among the best places to visit in Norway.

  1. Hella, Kvaløy :- This place is very popular for adventurous tourism, it has interesting old houses, beautiful views of nature and can be enjoyed by fishing in strong ocean currents.
  2. Tromsø Cathedral :- Also known as The Arctic Cathedral, the church is world famous for its prominent artistic works.
  3. Fjellheisen :- Take a cable car to the top of Mt Storsteinen and stay in one of the best hotels available there, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Tromso and a real view of the world-famous sunrise that rises at midnight.

3. Bergen

Bergen, one of the 10 amazing places to visit in Norway.

Bergen is popular for its natural beauty like mountains and fjords. Sognefjord is the most famous beach here.

Located on the southwestern coast of Norway, the city is popular for its breathtaking views of the small mountains and hiking.

Bergen is also called an educational destination. The Unnivercity Museum is as important to tourists as it is to the students who want to come to study here.

Famous places in the city of Bergen such as Bryggen, Bergen Fish Market, Bergen Aquarium, and Rosenkrantz Tower, which have made this city one of the most amazing places to visit in Norway, will be visited after visiting three more important destinations.

  1. Fløibanen and Fløyen :- It is a funicular railway and the most visited tourist attraction in Norway.
  2. Ulriken 643 :- Connecting the mountain Ulriken to the city, it is an air tramway, used by locals for daily commute and for tourists to enjoy.
  3. Bergen Science Centre :- Built as a unique and wonderful confluence of natural science, phenomena and technology, this science park can be a great recreational destination for everyone from children to adults.

4. Kristiansand

Kristiansand, one of the amazing places to visit in Norway, is a traditional but charming city made of old wooden houses.

Located in southern Norway, the city has beaches that are famous for fishing and has well-equipped hotels and restaurants designed to accommodate tourists.

One of the things that fascinates you most when visiting Kristiansand is the diving here.

You will have wonderful driving through miles and miles of coastal roads, across bridges and through fjord after fjord.

Apart from Posebyen, Dyrepark, Baneheia Outdoor Area, Gimle Gård, Agder Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden, Kristiansand Cathedral, and Kilden Performing Arts Center, these three places should not be missed.

  1. Aquarama Bad Waterpark :- This is a state-of-the-art water park that everyone loves, and should not miss out on for fun.
  2. Kristiansand Skjærgården :- The west coast is considered to be one of the most photogenic places with its lighthouse, as well as popular for boating and cruising.
  3. Fiskebrygga :- This place, famous for its variety of fish dishes, is also an area to visit while boating.

5. Bodo

Bodo, one of the 10 amazing places to visit in Norway.

Bodo is a beautiful city in the Nordland county of the municipality located in the far northern Arctic Circle of Norway.

The 18-hour train ride from Oslo and the 10-hour train ride from Trondime will take you to Bodo, with breathtaking views of small hills, forests and mountains.

Famous places in the city of Bodo such as Kjerringøy, Nyholms old lighthouse, Sjunkhatten National Park, and Orvgata which have made this city best among the best places to visit in Norway, will be visited after visiting three more important destinations.

  1. Saltstraumen :- Just 33 kilometers from Bodo you can experience an amazing natural phenomenon that is very thrilling, and that is the strongest tide in the world.
  2. Mjelle Beach :- It is one of the most popular places in Norway because many visitors call it Red Beach and it is also unique because of its red sand.
  3. Kjerringøy Trading Post :-A visit to the best protected trade post in Northern Norway will give you a chance to explore the current and history of the fishing business there.

6. Drammen

Located in the eastern part of Norway, Drammen is one of the most densely populated tourist destinations in the world, comprising small countryside and extremely affluent urban areas as well.

Like other cities in Norway, Drammen is famous for its railway service and attractive railway station.

Popular places like Drammen Spiral, Kjøsterudjuvet, Drammen Museum, Gulskogen Manor, Ypsilon Bridge have managed to include Drammen in the list of places to visit in Norway, while other important destinations are as follows.

  1. Drammenselva :- Also known as salmon river, this tourist area is one of the most captivating places in Drammen.
  2. Storsteinsfjell :- It is a high mountain panoramic plateau with large open valleys and flats and many large glaciers and lakes.
  3. Hagatjern :- Hagatjern is a lake in Drammen located in the southern part of Norway that invites thousands of tourists every year.

7. Trondheim

Trondheim, one of the 10 amazing places to visit in Norway.

Trondheim is one of the most photogenic cities in central Norway, enriched by colorful warehouses, waterways and wooded mountains.

The city is fun to explore, with wide streets, great cafes, restaurants and museums competing for attention.

Being the historical capital of the country, its palaces and important buildings highlight the history.

These three popular destinations, including Bakklandet, Kristiansten Fortress, Rockheim, Ringve Museum, Tyholttårnet, and Munkholmen, have made Trondheim one of the best places to visit in Norway.

  1. Nidaros Cathedral :- Religious sentiment has its own significance, but not only that, this destination, which has earned a name for its scenic beauty and excellent tourism, is an iconic tourist destination in Norway.
  2. Archbishop’s Palace :-  Located on the bank of the River Medway in Maidstone, Kent, this majestic building today is principally used as an venue for wedding services.
  3. Trondheim Harbor :- At Trondheim Harbor you can spend hours strolling around the city’s old harbor area at the mouth of the Nidelv River.

8. Stavanger

The Stavanger Cathedral and the Stavanger Museum, which showcase history and protected wildlife, make the city of Stavanger a beautiful tourist destination in the southwestern part of Norway.

The wide streets between the colorful houses, where you shop, enjoy the street food or take good photos, you will always appreciate the stay in the city of Stavanger.

Famous and stunning places like Ledaal House, Petroleum Museum, Valbergtårnet, Gamle Stavanger, Lysefjord have managed to include Stavanger in the list of amazing places to visit in Norway, while other important destinations are as follows.

  1. Pulpit Rock :- Hiking to Pulpit Rock will be the most exciting and popular tourist activity for everyone who visits Stavanger.
  2. Stavanger Museum :- The Stavanger Art Museum promotes natural and cultural history, allowing visitors from all communities and religions to visit, completely ignoring racism or discrimination.
  3. Stavanger Cathedral :-Located in the southwestern part of the city of Stavanger, Stavanger Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Norway.

9. Arendal

Arendal, one of the 10 amazing places to visit in Norway.

Arendal is a beautiful coastal town in Aust-Agder county.

This is a popular summer holiday spot that offers different water sports and adventures.

Tourist attractions such as skerries, saltwater and idyllic small towns and villages have helped make the city ubiquitously popular.

These three  important tourist destinations, including Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, Bjellandstrand Gard, Kløcker’s House, Eydehavn Museum, and Merdøgård Museum, have contributed to make Arendal one of the best places to visit in Norway.

  1. Hove and Spornes :- Located on the south coast, the Hove-Spores area is a protected forest, ideal for walking along with resting places.
  2. Trinity Church :- Trinity Church, located in the city of Arendal, is a Paris church in the municipality of Arendal in Agar County, Norway.
  3. Vitensenteret Sørlandet :- It is a science center, a perfect place for children and young people to travel and receive research experience and education.

10. Alesund

Alesund, one of the 10 amazing places to visit in Norway.

Alesund  is a tourist port city on the west coast of the Norwegian mainland as the gateway to Geirangerfjord.

The common concept that every tourist who arrives in Alesund during their stay in Norway says is, “This is the most beautiful city I’ve visited during my years living in Norway”.

There are loads of things to do in Ålesund, but even a 2/3 day stay would be perfect for this destination.

Apart from Atlantic Sea-Park, Hjørundfjord, the Bird Island, Alnes Lighthouse, and The Ivar Aasen Center these three places should not be missed.

  1. Art Nouveau Ålesund :- Full of stunning architecture, towers, turrets, and other imaginative ornamentation, Art Nouveau Ålesund is recommended for a walking tour.
  2. Ålesund Harbor :- You are welcome to visit and stay in the smallest but most beautiful port in Europe.
  3. Ålesund’s Town Park :- This park is one of the best parks in the world, built by carving various artefacts on the rocks provided by nature or by constructing paths and stairs using available rocks.

Conclusion: 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Norway.

It is no exaggeration to say that Norway is not only the most beautiful country in Europe but also the most beautiful country in the world.
Every small town or village in Norway will prove that you made no mistake in choosing Norway as your destination to visit.
Top 10 destinations like Oslo, Tromso, Bergen, Kristiansand, Bodo, Drammen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Arendal and Alesund are mentioned here under the heading “10 Amazing Places to Visit in Norway” but there are hundreds of other beautiful places to visit in Norway.

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