10 Useful Honeymoon Travel Tips 2020

10 Useful  Honeymoon Travel Tips 2020

Before talking about a honeymoon or starting this session of honeymoon travel tips, let’s express our regards to the newlywed couple.

Dear newlyweds, congratulations on getting married. Now, it’s your time to celebrate a very special moment. This special moment is called the honeymoon celebration.

Your honeymoon will be the happiest holiday you had ever. Best and warm wishes for the world’s best couple. Well-come to the best honeymoon destinations from all over the world.

There may be so many topics to discuss before going on a honeymoon; such as honeymoon travel tips.

Romantic Gateway - Decide Trip
Wedding is not about you, but honeymoon is.

Whether we plan for profoundly luxurious or pocket-friendly romantic destinations, we hope that these honeymoon travel tips are evergreen and beneficial.

If we can, we will try our best to make our honeymoon planning hassle-free. It’s a lifetime experience. Honeymoon is as important as a wedding. A wedding gives us a mere chance to meet but a honeymoon is a perfect gateway to know each other.

Honeymoon mainly enjoyed one month after getting married. But we can extend this period according to our convenience. Six months or one year’s time is good for celebration as honeymoon bout.

A very short period for a honeymoon is not decent. At least we need to spend the time as sufficient as we will know why it is called a honeymoon.

This period comprises romance, mutual understanding, knowing each other, and learning new things.

Romantic Honeymoon - Decide Trip
You are no longer a weight but a support for me.

The fervent sexual relationship in romantic honeymoon places with plenty of exciting activities, food, drink, dance, and many more are the sensational imaginations that everybody dreams of having after getting married.

We will not only get adventures but also some unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

There are very many breathtaking places all over the world mostly designed for newlyweds to have honeymoon observations. 

Planning this precious moment just after getting a busy and costly wedding ceremony, always is a challenge. To cope up with this challenge and do a perfect plan for our upcoming honeymoon trip, we are presenting some useful honeymoon travel tips.

When we are going to visit exciting new places, and the temptations to arrange a dozen things or curiosity of not forgetting anything are very strong.

In other words, if we want to make the entire honeymoon package flawless, we will need some tips.

Honeymoon travel tips are key factors for those who are newly married and planning for a hassle-free, romantic, and fervent honeymoon trip. Wherever we go, if we go with clear visions and well-planned schedules, we will definitely enjoy it.

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Short honeymoons are better than no honeymoons but long honeymoons are best of all.

Honeymoon Travel Tips: –

1. Planning; Do not start without plans.

Honeymoon Planning - Decide Trip
Hope you are not going too deep.

Planning a honeymoon is one of the most important honeymoon travel tips.

Planning is a technical task. It requires concentration, mutual understanding, work efficiency, and knowledge of the related fields.

Whatever we want to do during the honeymoon trip, we have to plan ourselves. The most important thing for honeymoon planning is, plan together and plan with a cool mind.

Planning about appropriate honeymoon destinations is a significant job. select the place to meet your interest or hobbies.

We may not find a proper honeymoon guide and we do not want them as well. On the other hand, there is not any book that gives us genuine honeymoon travel tips.

Planning includes most of the tasks we do, it means from first to last. For example, we need to plan “from which travel agent we will consult” to “how we will be back home.”

If we visit the best honeymoon destinations with adequate plannings we will get proper entertainment.

A well-planned task is half done before starting. If we plan our schedules properly, we will be excited from the beginning.

We can make some imaginations of the entire journey that helps us to be happy and motivated. It is always better not to hurry at first and feel bored in the middle that will spoil our climax of the trip.

Keep some exciting activities for the last moment. The conclusion should be memorable.

The activities that we do during the honeymoon period can be in accordance with our personal hobbies, and availability of our destinations. Make the proper lists of activities and schedule for the entire journey.

Be planned as much as possible. Make a detailed honeymoon planning checklist and follow them carefully.


2. Budget friendly places; Do not waste money in vain.

Budget friendly Place - Decide Trip
We do not need an expensive hotel, let us sit freely.

May be as one of the most important honeymoon travel tips, finding budget-friendly places is a laborious and assiduous task.

Each and every place whether they are expensive or luxurious, are affordable if we plan our expenses properly. How to plan a honeymoon on a budget is, therefore, another important task we need to perform while planning for the trip.

We have to go through all the options so that we can save some money. Unnecessary expenses are always absurd, even though we have sufficient money to spend.

Even so, we must be aware and plan for some unexpected expenses as well.

Immediately after having a costly wedding, and if we do not want to miss our honeymoon, we can skimp the budget.

There are adequate budget-friendly destinations around the world that offer us an ardent welcome without pushing us into debt or breaking our bank account.

 Apart from the cost of flight tickets, some destinations are really cheap without any compromising or lacking romance and adventures. If you go through detailed research some of the expensive destinations offer special discount packages as well.

Do not waste your money but waste your time with fun and amusement.

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3. Place of mutual choice; Take and give respect.

Honeymoon Destination - Decide Trip
This is the place of our common interest.

Different people have different choices. If our choices, likes, and dislikes are different regarding honeymoon destinations, activities, food drinks, etc. we can discuss before stating honeymoon.

We can disregard some of the minor incompatibilities very easily. But if there are some of the serious differences in terms of places, activities or foods and we can discuss them in a friendly way before making the final decision.

We can respect each others’ choices so that we will not have to face any misunderstandings during the honeymoon.

It is not necessary to scarify their own interest to respect others’ interests or hobbies. Mutual understanding regarding destinations is always beyond honeymoon travel tips.

Instead of it, we can select one of the common and unique honeymoon destinations where both of us can fulfill our hobbies or interests.

Give and take honor.

4. Convenient place; Go easy.

Affordable Place - Decide Trip
We are not too far, but we are happy.

While suggesting honeymoon travel tips we always like to recommend budget-friendly places and budget-friendly activities.

Another important aspect of honeymoon planning is time management. Make a careful honeymoon itinerary that will help you do the things in a proper way and inappropriate time.

Sometimes we can manage very short time for honeymoon.

Maybe your office is running so busy, maybe someone is sick at home or maybe the weather is not allowing you to go very far.

 In these situations, we can choose the most properly convenient place for honeymoon destinations.

It’s not necessary to go very far to enjoy, we can find plenty of breathtaking naturally beautiful places around us.

Within our own country or around our own locality, there may be many more hidden treasures, we just have to search for them.

We do not need any honeymoon travel agent but we can plan our trips with the help of honeymoon travel tips so easily.

Enjoy where ever you are.

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5. Security; Be alert but do not panic.

Security - Decide Trip
We do not want to see such vehicles and men with guns around us.

Security is the most important feature. Chose a secure country and secure destinations for your honeymoon as much as you can.

Before deciding where to go, we must collect sufficient information regarding the places where we are going.

We must know about the political movement of the country, for example, if there is election time if there is social conflict about a minor or major issue. We must know about police and administrations how legitimate they are.

One of the most important honeymoon travel tips is; all the beautiful places are not meant good for honeymoon. Be sure about how often they are visited for honeymoon purposes.

Do not visit a secluded jungle, lonely park, or any other places where there is a doubt for you.

We should be aware of pestering guides. Honeymoon couples normally do not require a guide.

We should not ask for minor information, take help of google as much as you can

Be alert to be secured.

6. Season, monsoon and health; Take care of yourselves.

Honeymoon Season - Decide Trip
We are well prepared!

When presenting honeymoon travel tips, we give great emphasis to health. If our health is mess up, entire planning will be mess up.

Season or monsoon will determine our activities, the clothes we carry, and the means of transportation by which we travel.

Some of the places have seasonal importance or they have more activities, breathtaking panoramic views, or discount offers for honeymoon packages in particular seasons. Month by month honeymoon destinations also can make our planning easier.

And some of the places being very popular, they do not run properly in some particular seasons.

Even though rainy season is good for adventure on honeymoon, we are going to change geography and climates as well.

No matter for a few days, we have to be immersed or absorbed in the geography and climate there.

There is a need to be aware of the health-related problems that can be caused by geography and climate, and to carry certain medications as much as possible, especially if you need a vaccine. It is better to consult a doctor.

Do not neglect personal health.

7. Local festivals, election time etc; Be informed.

Local Festival - Decide Trip
These roads are not accessible for two days.

The honeymoon travel tips about local festivals and election time seem to be trifling but some local festivals are really disturbing and most of the election time will ruin our holidays.

The timing of the election and the local festivals or holidays can negatively affect the honeymoon travel, so choose the honeymoon destinations with the correct information.

Some local festivals may be special, we can participate and enjoy with local people, but elections, internal conflicts or political tensions are negative for a honeymoon.

Election time is the most absurd time for honeymoon travel. If there is a civil war in any country, we must avoid them although they have popular honeymoon destinations.

Be aware of crowd.

8. People, language, food culture and dress; Know and try them.

Cultural Honeymoon - Decide Trip
We are from Vietnam, did you like our dress?

It is very good to know less or more about the people, the way of their life, the costumes, the food, etc.

However, these parameters of romantic honeymoon ideas, depend on personal interests. When we have the whole world as husband and wife, contact with other people may not be necessary.

We do not recommend or hound social or external contacts as part of honeymoon travel tips, However, its nice to manage some time to establish some contact with local people to know about them.

But sometimes contact with other people, talking them in their own language, testing their food or participating in their cultural activities may be interesting or fun as well.

Manage some time to enjoy with local people and their cultures to prove why do people go for honeymoon.

9. Payment system; Be digital or local as required.

Honeymoon Budget - Decide Trip
Do you have a swiping machine?

The payment system is not a big issue in most of the places but it is good to have the proper information. And it is one of the most common and frequent things of what do you do on a honeymoon.

In most cases, we can use online payment, Visa cards, Master cards, or ATM Cards very easily.

Since you require local currency anytime and anywhere and you can not exchange your existing currency into local currency as easily as you wish, you have to carry your money by converting it into dollars.

If your destination is any of the rural areas, be sure the modern systems of payment are totally inoperable, you, then, have to carry local currency.

This also means that the rule may not apply to the nearest place within your own country or to the nearest neighbor where you can run one’s own money.

one of the most important honeymoon travel tips is; Do not depend only on the digital payment system.

10. Rules and regulations; Be alert, do not ignore.

Romantic Destinations - decide Trip
This is not obscene, we are just kissing.

Last but not least honeymoon travel tips is rules and regulations. In case of breaching the rules’ can be not only a problem for that very moment, but also it can mess up entire honeymoon packages.

Each location has different rules and regulations made by the local government or local body.

Obeying its rules and regulations is also our main responsibility. But it is better not to go to the places where there are rules and laws contrary to our wishes.

In order to attract tourists, they promote various whereabouts as best honeymoon destinations and again make unnecessary rules and regulations. In the long run, tourists who come there only suffer because of the same rules and regulations.

Do not choose very rare or less frequented honeymoon destinations.

Conclusion: (Honeymoon Travel Tips)

To make your honeymoon special and memorable, choose one of the best destinations. Start with excitement and do not let it go down.

To make your difficult task easier, read these honeymoon travel tips once again;

  • Be planned and proper,
  • Make your budget appropriate,
  • Take all the decision together, except surprises.,
  • Choose a convenient place,
  • Be secured,
  • Be health-conscious in terms of monsoon or season,
  • Be informed about political movement or local festivals,
  • Make some knowledge about local people, language or dress,
  • Use proper payment systems,
  • Be alert about rules and regulations.
  • Follow honeymoon travel tips as much as you can.

Eventually, we don’t need any special place for honeymoon travel, but the things that we need most are love, care, and togetherness!

We hope these honeymoon travel tips will definitely help you to make proper planning and spend your time full of love with the special one.

Best wishes to both of you!

Blogger’s Opinion about Honeymoon Travel Tips

I feel amazing to present some honeymoon travel tips for newlyweds. It reminded my own honeymoon tour.

That time we were less advanced than this time. Google did not have sufficient information about any honeymoon destinations.

We had to make our honeymoon travel tips and many other things related to honeymoon and it’s planning ourselves.

How did you find this blog about honeymoon travel tips? what did you want me to write as the next article?

Please do not hesitate to write a sweet comment below.

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