25 Famous Foods in Europe, You Must Try

25 Famous Foods in Europe, You Must Try

Europe is very rich not only in scenic beauty but also in food available there.

There are beautiful places in Europe that everyone loves, but food is just as important in the development of tourism.

There won’t be any different to say that it is a common kitchen for different varieties of food and flavor.

Pizza in Italy, Creme Brulee in France, and Hamburger in Germany are major examples of food you will taste in Europe

There are many other foods, including Fish and Chips from England, French Fries from Belgium, which will help make your trip to Europe memorable.

Through ‘’25 Famous Foods in Europe, You Must Try’’ you will have the opportunity to learn about some of the best European foods.

1. Waffle in Belgium

famous food in europe, waffles

This food, which is very popular in Belgium and France, will do justice to the idea that you should taste it once you visit Europe.

A Waffle is crisp on the edges but a little fluffy in the middle,  you can use this food for breakfast, or even as a dinner.

Although Waffle is said to be the most modern form of Pancakes, it is slightly different. It is better than Pancake in terms of both taste and texture.

Apart from Waffle, there are many other famous food items in Belgium, the taste of which will make your visit even more entertaining.

Let’s learn more about most popular Belgian dishes.

2. Goulash in Hungary

A national food of Hungary which is also considered as the symbol of this country, Goulash is famous mainly in Central Europe and is also available in other parts of the world.

Goulash is a soup of meat and vegetables usually seasoned with paprika and other spices and originating as a common food in Hungary.

It’s not as grand as it is popular today,  it’s a very simple. But because of its amazing taste, it is recommended as a must-eat food when traveling around Europe.

After tasting Goulash in Hungary, there will be many more dishes, which we would like to request again.

3.Pierogi in Poland.

famous food in Europe, Pierogi

When making pierogi, the sauerkraut, cheese, mashed potatoes, cabbage, onion, meat, or any combination of these are placed in between and rolled the dough around, and cooked in boiling water. Then it is fried in a pan and served as food.

It is one of the most popular food in Central and Eastern European countries.

You can find this favorite food of Poland all over Europe, especially in neighboring Belarus, Slovakia and Ukraine. But because of its name and the way it is made, it varies from place to place.

Today you have tasted the pierogi of Poland, now from tomorrow if you want to taste other food from there, we will also offer some more polish dishes for you.


4. English Breakfast

famous food in Europe, english breakfast

The full English breakfast particularly includes of bacon, fried eggs, sausage, mushrooms, baked nuts, toast, grilled tomatoes and tea or coffee.

English breakfast, also known as Full breakfast, is so popular in the UK and Ireland that many cafes and pubs offer it as a staple, even during lunch.

Above is a brief introduction to English breakfast among the countless dishes to eat in England. Now let us know about some more English cuisines.

5. Currywurst in Germany

famous food in Europe, currywurst

Currywurst is a popular German food used as a fast food made from fried pork sausage, usually cut into easy-to-eat shapes and mixed with a spicy ketchup.

Although it is one of the most popular street food in Berlin, its popularity makes it well-known in many cities around the world, including Germany.

If you are going to Europe, you must visit Berlin, don’t forget to try Currywurst even once. Then you know how many times you will like to eat.

After Currywurst, let’s explore some more German foods here, so that you have the opportunity to eat something different every day.

6. Paella Valenciana in Spain

famous food in europe, Paella Valenciana

Paella is one of the major foods in Spain that was supposed to be originated in Valencia.

A mixture of white rice, chicken, vegetables such as beans and saffron is considered as the regular paella, while paella made from a mixture of fish and other marine animals is considered to be popular Spanish seafood.

When you travel around Spain, the first offer you will get from hotels will be paella. If you don’t get this offer, don’t forget to ask for it yourself.

There are many other foods in Spain besides Paella that will make you as fascinated as you are from Paella. Take a closer look at some Spanish cuisines.

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7. Pizza in Italy

famous food in Europe, Italian Pizza

Pizza originated in Italy, and is one of the most popular foods in the world today. This food is mainly made from flour, cheese, tomatoes.

But in terms of what kind of pizza to make and eat, it can be made in different flavors and dishes. Such as chicken pizza, Mashroom Pizza, Mixed Pizza etc.

Using too much pizza can be harmful to health. And pizza consumption is also harmful for children.
Too many calories contribute to obesity, which can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

You may not like to eat anything else after eating pizza in Italy, but in fact, Italy is a storehouse of food. What else are there in Italian dishes, just take a look?

8. Lutefisk in Norway

Lutefisk, Norway

Lutefisk, made from old stock fish or dried white fish, was a staple food in Norway yesterday, but today it is becoming a popular food in many European countries and other parts of the world as well.

Lutefisk is traditionally served with boiled potatoes, mashed green peas, melted butter and small pieces of fried bacon.

Salted cod and lima pickle are some other important ingredients to be served with Lutefisk. 

What about going to Norway and teste it once in a life time? 

Do you like Norway’s Lutefisk? As far as I’m concerned, you must have liked it. Let me introduce you to some other Norwegian foods.

9. Stew in Ireland

Fish, chicken or ground beef is mixed with vegetables to make solid food, and the mixture is cooked with liquid.

When the stew is prepared in this way, it is prepared as gravy.

Presenting this food in the restaurants of Ireland, you also feel that I had the opportunity to taste something really unique but very delicious food.

Lamb stew, fish stew, chicken stew, mutton stew and many other vegetarian types are also readily available. And you will have no problem to choose the type according to your interest.

There is no doubt that you will not like the stew of Ireland. But there are other things to eat in Ireland that are just as important and just as sweet.

10. Banitsa in Bulgaria

Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian pastry dish made by mixing whisked eggs, natural yogurt and white mixed cheese pieces in the middle of ferro pastry and baking it in the oven.

Since the use of Banitsa on New Year’s Eve has been traditionally regarded as of great importance, it has been used extensively at that time.

In order not to miss Banitsa when you arrive in Bulgaria, perhaps the first meal after entering the hotel is to order Banitsa; What’s the idea?

The Banitsa found in Bulgaria is sure to captivate you. Then we would like to present some other Bulgarian dishes on the question of what else to eat.

11. Oliebollen in Netherlands

famous food in europe, Oliebollen

Having a similar taste to donut, Oliebollen is one of the traditional foods of the Netherlands.

This food, which is used as a special treat on the new year eve, does not make a difference when listing it as a must-try food while traveling around the Netherlands.

The dough is mixed with eggs, yeast, salt, milk and baking powder, fried in oil and prepared to be eaten.

In terms of taste and popularity, Olibolan is much better than other foods in the Netherlands. But there are some other important foods that if you don’t miss to taste them, you will have to say, wow, that’s pretty sweet.


12. Crepe in France

This crepe is a kind of very thin pancake, which is famous as a well-known food in France.

There are two types of crepes, sweet crepes (generally made with wheat flour) and savory crepe (made with non-wheat flours such as buckwheat).

Foods similar to France’s crepe are spreading to other parts of Europe and the rest of the world as well.

It is no exaggeration to say that Dosa is a type of crepe found in South India, as Crepe and Dosa are very similar.

Now let’s talk about some other French foods, maybe they don’t look any less than crepe.

13. Haggis in Scotland.

famous food in Europe, Haggis

Haggies is considered to be the national dish of Scotland. This food is made by mixing the liver, heart and lungs of sheep or other animals often mixed with minced onions, spices, and oatmeal.

Most of the people in  Scotland eat haggis at least once a year, on or around Burns night (25th Jan).

Haggis is no different than black pudding, but black pudding is softer, though some of the ingredients are the same.

There may not be sweeter and more popular foods in Scotland than the Huggies, but there are many other foods that will give you a different taste.

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14. Arancini in Italy

famous food in Europe, Arancini

Famous as a staple of Sicilian cuisine, Arancini is an Italian snack in which pieces of bread are placed on top of a loaf of bread and then deep fried.

“al ragu or al sugo, filled with ragu (meat or mince, slow-cooked at low temperature with tomato sauce and spices), mozzarella and/or caciocavallo cheese, and often peas, and al burro or ô burru, filled with ham and mozzarella or besciamell” is the main receipe of Arancini.

Arancini from Italy will definitely satisfy you, now let’s take brief information about some other Italian foods, so that you can easily feel comfortable eating in Italy.

15. Moussaka in Greece.

Moussaka, Greece

Moussaka, popularly known as a staple food in Greek, is an eggplant, also known as a potato-based dish.

The food which is common in the Balkans and the Middle East, with many local and regional variations, is a must try food while visiting Greece. 

Considered as the best version in Europe and the United States, the food is said to have been introduced by Nikolaos Tselementes in the 1920s.

After eating Moussaka in Greece, you may not be particularly interested in other foods, but there are some foods that will fascinate you, as Greek cuisine itself is rich in dishes and types.


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16. Vepro knedlo zelo in Czech Republic

famous food in europe, Vepřo knedlo zelo

Vepro knedlo zelo is the national dish of the Central European country, the Czech Republic. This dish is cooked by mixing pork loin with onion and caraway gravy.

Along with Vepro knedlo zelo, there is a tradition of eating other things like pickled cabbage and other root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, and onions, and also includes many breads, pastries, cakes, and dumplings.

When visiting Prague, Czech Republic, you will find Vepro knedlo zelo on all menus, from hotels to restaurants everywhere.
You can easily order the dish according to your own choice based on the fact which meat you like.

Finally, after a brief overview of Vepro knedlo zelo, let’s take a look at some of the more food items available in the Czech Republic.

17. Doner Kebab in Turkey

Doner kebab may not be a new food for you, as it is one of the staple foods in Turkey, but it has made its presence felt worldwide.

Beef kebab and lamb kebab are two verities that are especially popular.

For doner kebab, the meat is prepared by mixing spices, onions, garlic and ginger, and the meat is cooked in vertical rotisseries. It can also be cut into small pieces and fried in oil once again.

Apart from Doner kebab, there are many other famous food items in Turkey, the taste of which will make your visit even more entertaining.

Let’s learn more about most popular Turkish dishes.

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18. Herring in Netherlands

fmous food in Europe, Herring

The meat of the fish which  is almost invisible when placed next to small pieces of onion, thin slice of lemon, piece of raw tomato and some small pieces of boiled potatoes and apple, which can be mistaken by anyone, what a simple food it is. 

But if that fish belongs mostly to the Clupeida family, then that food will be very important.

Herring is a staple food of the Netherlands.

Herring fish are extremely tasty, with flaky, light flesh and oil that drips onto their skin when grilled over a flame. Fish can also be pickled, smoked and fried.

After tasting Herring in the Netherlands, there will be many Dutch Cuisines which we would like to request again.

19. Kottbullar in Sweden.

Kottbullar, Sweden

Kottbullar, also known as Swedish meatballs, is one of Sweden’s most popular traditional Christmas recipes.

the bread crumbs are mixed with creams, then after onions pieces are fried in melted butter, and the ground beef, ground pork, egg, brown sugar, salt, black pepper, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger all will be mixed and stirred properly, small balls will be made and baked in oven. 

The most important thing about Kottbullar is, the meatballs are even better the next day.

Today you have tasted the Kottbullar of Sweden, now from tomorrow if you want to taste other food from there, we will also offer some more Swedish dishes for you.

20. Cevapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cevapi, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cevapi, a traditionally popular dish in Southeast European countries, is a dish cooked with fried meat.

It is considered the national dish of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is also popular in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Albania, Romania and Austria.

The seemingly appetizing Cevapi is probably one of the most sought after items for anyone visiting Europe, and you are also supposed to be so.

Above is a brief introduction to Cevapi among the countless dishes to eat in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now let us know about some more cuisines available there.

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21. Cheese fondue in Switzerland.

famous food in Europe, Cheese fondue

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, you may want to make eating cheese fondue a top priority.

Although this is primarily a winter dish for the Swiss, you will be able to enjoy it all the seasons now a days. 

Although cheese fondue is very popular, tomato fondue is another type. But we advise you to taste cheese fondue first.

After Cheese fondue, let’s explore some more Swiss foods here, so that you have the opportunity to eat something different every day.

22. Pelmeni in Russia.

Pelmeni, Russia

Pelmeni is a popular Russian dish which is a small savory ball of dough (usually made with suet) which may be boiled, fried, or baked in a casserole.

In another words it’s a  small  pasta cases, stuffed with seasoned meat, boiled in water and usually served in a sauce.

Anyone who has returned home after visiting Russia, and when it comes to the matter of visiting Russia, eats pelmeni? They ask. That is why it is said that food should not be missed while visiting Russia.

There are many other foods in Russia besides Pelmeni that will make you as fascinated as you are from pelmeni. Take a closer look at some other Russian cuisines.

23. Bigos in Poland

While the Bigos of Poland may not seem like an attractive and delicious food, it is very tasty to eat.

This is the national food of Poland, the people here do not forget to eat this food on special occasions.

This dish made by mixing different dishes of cabbage with rabbit or other animal meat is also considered to be very tasty and healthy.

You may not like to eat anything else after eating Bigos in Poland, but in fact, Poland is a storehouse of food. What else are there in Polish dishes, just take a look?

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24. Cinnamon Buns in Finland

Cinnamon Buns, Finland

Finland is known around the world for its natural beauty, and also for its healthy and delicious food.

Cinnamon Buns are made from flour and eaten mainly mixed with cheese.

In Finland it is also known as korvapust and is commonly eaten mainly in Northern Europe and North America.
In Sweden it is called Cannibal, in Denmark it is known as Canesnagel, in Norway it is known as Connellball, Skinsboller and Cannellswar.

Do you like Finish Cinnamon Buns ? As far as I’m concerned, you must have liked it. Let me introduce you to some other foods in Finland.

25. Ghiveci in Romania

One of the most popular traditional Romanian food is the Ghiveti. To make this dish popular as vegeritian food, vegetables are cut into small pieces and cooked.

I am absolutely convinced that Ghiveci from Romania will make your trip to Europe more meaningful.

The mixture of herbs plus lemon with tomato sauce is a nice combination, and this meal is known as a perfect summer meal.

There is no doubt that you will not like the Ghiveci in Romania. But there are other things to eat in Romania that are just as important and just as sweet.

last but not least: Must try Sangria Cocktail in Spain. 

Spain’s Sangria Cocktail is described as one of the best drinks in Europe. If you like to drink alcohol, you can make Spain your travel destination, or you can enjoy Sangria Cocktail at any restaurant in Europe.

Conclusion: Famous Foods in Europe

There will be no shortage of opportunities and types to travel and eat in Europe.

Most food items, once popular in one country, are available all over Europe so you can eat your favorite food anywhere.

Due to these unique features of Europe, this place is called the paradise of the earth by the visitors.
Hopefully, Famous Foods in Europe will help make your trip to Europe memorable.

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However, the information regarding this topic are brief, It will definitely help with the inquiries that have been made about ‘What to eat in Europe?”

Regarding all of these inadequacy; 

Please do not hesitate to give your suggestions and advice.

Wish you all the best. 

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